Content Management

Driving Traffic - Creating Customers
Successful Digital Marketing is based on great content that engages with your customers and differentiates you from competitors
Content management services provide unique imagery, articles and stories that are topical, thought provoking and create chances for you to demonstrate your expertise.

Content Management

At bokeh we know that what you say online has a huge impact on how potential customers see you and how Google ranks your site.  Naturally most businesses can do this for themselves. The reality is that most businesses have good intentions of keeping their online material fresh and engaging with structured content management. The truth is that often business gets in the way. Just everyday doing the doing distracts businesses from focusing on their online presence, material and messaging.  That’s where bokeh marketing comes in.

Imagine if …

You could agree a content management programme of marketing messaging with your online agency and sit back and watch it happen

Your digital agency continually generated new website content management material aligned with strategic marketing objectives.

You could trust someone to actively manage your online content

You could re-purpose all existing collateral, communications material and messaging along with in-house knowledge to enrich your online communications as part of your content management strategy.

Who needs content management?

Clients are often surprised how beneficial a content management strategy can be to their marketing activity.  A content management strategy captures all existing activity and adds ideas for how to maximise the news and profile that can be gained from publicising them online.

Strategic Marketing Support
We work with organisations to assess their current marketing situation including strategy, competitor activity and market opportunities. Only then can a ‘current reality’ position be determined and recommendations made.
Brand Development
Brand is so much more than a logo! We work with clients who want to develop a stronger profile for both their corporate brand and their product brands. Brand development can involve new design work or evolving existing designs so that they are more contemporary.
Website Design, Delivery and Ongoing Support
We specialise in designing fresh, modern WordPress websites that work effortlessly for our clients. Visitors to our websites are able to navigate around the site easily and crucially, find the information that they need quickly and then contact our customers with an enquiry.
Content Management Service
Successful digital marketing relies upon well written, engaging, informative, entertaining copy. This is why we blend digital PR support activity with content management. Websites that are ever changing with new popular content attract new visitors. Google and other search engines monitor where people visit and rank them accordingly. The most popular sites have the best Google rankings. Any organisation that wants to develop it’s online presence needs to commit to proactive content management and authoring. That’s where Bokeh comes in.
Digital Press Relations
Digital Press Relations involves pitching well written, relevant and engaging news releases, articles and case studies to the key consumer or trade publications within your industry. We spend time to understand your organisation, brand, culture and importantly the ‘tone of voice’ that you use in your external communications. We adopt your ‘tone of voice’ in the communications that we generate on your behalf. All material written for consumer or trade publications is used online to develop the depth of content available on your website and blog. The objective being ‘thought leadership’ within your area of expertise or industry.
Website SEO
Website SEO is an essential activity if you want your website to rank well on search engines for keywords that are important for your business. Get it right and you can expect more traffic and more enquiries which can result in more sales and revenue into the business. Developing how visible your website is to search engines like Google and Bing can have a real impact on the success of your business.  There is no ‘silver bullet’ with SEO. It’s just a case of applying a number of proven adjustments combined with the right content management. Some businesses have the expertise, experience and time to do this for themselves – most don’t – that’s where we come in!
Pay per Click (PPC/Adwords) Management

Pay per Click Management is all about producing a profit from the investment made in Google Adwords and similar systems. We take the time to understand your business and the price point or geographical nuances that you want to apply. Your business is unique and we craft a unique solution for you so that you get the best return on investment from your campaign.

Joined-up Marketing
One marketing consultancy providing all of your strategic and digital marketing ensures that your audiences receive clear and compelling messages. This is very much our philosophy, understanding your business, markets and competitors and then creating a balanced campaign to exceed your objectives.

We’ve Got You Covered

Website Design & Development

A compelling web design is the showcase for your business, communicating your culture, innovation, dependability and trust. Trust us to create a mobile-friendly site with the right look, structure and content for your business.

Content Management

Are you ready to reach larger audiences through more engaging content? We develop content management plans that ensure that your communication material engages with your online audiences.

Digital PR

Digital PR creates the digital content for your media relations, website and social media activity. Interesting, engaging articles and news releases attract customers and really help with your SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your site performs well in the Google rankings. We regularly monitor the performance of your site and make adjustments to improve its ranking with all search engines

Brand Design & Strategy

We provide corporate or product designs that sparkle and will be the envy of your competitors. Let’s give your business the right look to give you that competitive advantage.

Social Media Management

Potential customers make assessments via your website and your Social Media activity – we can provide this well written dialogue in the right tone of voice for your brand that generates standout.

Audience Analytics

It’s vital to understand how visitors  move through your website. This will help steer future content and the positioning of calls to action that will encourage visitors to interact with you – we know how.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay per Click Management optimises the investment in Adwords sourced website visits and enquiries. Our analysis avoids wasted budget on unproductive search terms.

A Typical Content Management Story

Content management is now the area that makes the difference between a website that ranks well with Google and one that doesn’t. Content management analyses material that is of interest to your industry, customers and website visitors.  Further popular content is then generated to ensure that the site becomes more authoritative than those around it. If you feel that planned, influential content is something that could be of use for your online activity then we can help.


Our Values & Approach

We make sure we understand you, your culture and values

Without appreciating what makes your organisation unique, how can we develop a website solution that transmits these values to your potential customers? We take time to absorb what makes you tick.

We want to understand your audiences

We take trouble to understand existing areas of success and also where you see new audiences that will grow the organisation.

We want to create a website that reflects or refreshes your brand

We will either ensure that your new website dovetaiils with your other activities or we can provide creative brand input to evolve your brand and use your new website as a brand relaunch event.

Interested in making your digital marketing more efficient & effective?

We’d love to hear from you and to understand how we could help with your marketing activity.  Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you for a free consultation.