Eye-catching Imagery Capturing People, Processes and Place
Creating personalised business photography to illustrate your professionalism
Ensuring that your business imagery is personalised to the organisation, illustrating your strengths and expertise.

Photography Services

At Bokeh we work closely with an established commercial photographer Adam Coupe Photography Limited.  He supplies all of our custom commercial photography for our digital marketing and website projects.  With 16 years experience in shooting B2B images, he specialises in capturing the personality and strengths of your business.

A Typical Photography Story

There are many organisations in the UK that recognise that they don’t illustrate their business activities within their digital marketing.
In a rapidly changing business environment where price is increasingly the primary factor for customers, many businesses realise the importance of illustrating just how unique they are by investing in custom commercial photography.

Successful organisations realise that process and service factors make the difference when pricing is competitive.  There’s no better way to illustrate the ‘people factor’ of your service delivery than fun, personalised team photos. For a great example of how to illustrate how people make the difference see Mila Internal Sales Team Page. We have shot all the images for this site (and for their marketing) over the past 8 years.

Our Business Approach

We make sure we understand you, your culture and values

Without appreciating what makes your organisation unique, how can we develop photography that transmits these values to your potential customers? We take time to absorb what makes you unique as an organisation and promote these elements in your images.

We want to understand your audiences

We take trouble to understand the key processes within your business and discuss how important it might be to develop portrait imagery of staff within those departments.

We want to create images that reflect your brand values

We will either ensure that your new images fit with the style used in other activities or we can provide creative brand input to evolve your brand and use your new images as a brand relaunch tool.

Interested in personalising your photography?

We’d love to hear from you and to understand how we could help with your commercial photography.  Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you for a free consultation. Alternatively call us on 0118 989 3749 or 07910 168536 for an immediate response.